Red Light Therapy for Rosacea

The Science Behind the Light

The Soothing Rain™ Light Unit is a low-level red light therapy (LLRLT) device.  Its ultra-bright LEDs emit red light at a specific wavelength which studies have shown to be highly biostimulatory.  That is, the wavelengths of light produced by the LEDs in your Soothing Rain™ Light Unit have a unique beneficial effect on the cellular mechanisms in your facial skin….

Light is comprised of photons, which we can imagine (for our purposes here) as very small particles of energy.  These photons travel at different wavelengths through space, and these different wavelengths determine the color of the light we see.



Rosacea and the Soothing Rain™ Light Unit

The skin environment of a rosacea sufferer is one of inflammation run rampant.  This causes the stubborn redness, skin sensitivity, burning sensations, pain, flushing, and generally makes life miserable.  The Soothing Rain™ Light Unit uses photobiomodulation (to affect biological systems with light energy) to suppress this rosacea inflammation and help normalize the function of your skin and face and relieve your rosacea symptoms.


While the exact chain of mechanisms at the cellular level are not completely understood, the light energy photons produced by the Soothing Rain™ Light Unit stimulate the mitochondria—the “powerhouse” in each of our cells—in facial skin and tissue, boosting their productivity.  It is this increased productivity by the cells that helps them regain control from rosacea inflammation.


The result of regular use of your Soothing Rain™ Light Unit is reduced redness, less flushing, reduced burning sensations, and less sensitive, “calmer” skin.


Healthy Skin, Collagen, and the Soothing Rain™ Light Unit

Another great benefit the Soothing Rain™ Light Unit is that low-level red light therapy has been shown by multiple studies to positively affect the production of collagen in your facial skin.  This means you may expect to see a reduction of the appearance of fine lines, improved skin texture, and healthier, younger-looking skin after regular use of your Soothing Rain™ Light Unit.


This boost in collagen production further strengthens thinned, sensitive rosacea skin against environmental insults like smoke, chemicals, and other toxins you may encounter in your daily life.  Strengthened skin means decreased sensitivity and less flushing.  And that’s something anyone with rosacea can agree is a good thing.