Red Light Therapy for Rosacea


Red Light Therapy for Rosacea


Skin Rejuvenation


Cut the Red Out. Soothe the Heat.

Get Your Life Back.

 How the Light Works

The Soothing Rain™ Light Unit is a low-level red light therapy (LLRLT) device.  Its ultra-bright LEDs emit red light at a specific wavelength which studies have shown to be highly biostimulatory.  That is, the wavelengths of light produced by the LEDs in your Soothing Rain™ Light Unit have a unique beneficial effect on the cellular mechanisms in your facial skin…. (more)

My Story


I first noticed my rosacea when my nose seemed red every time I looked in the mirror.  My face seemed to be flushed more often than I remembered, and it kept getting uncomfortably warm. It was my senior year in college.  Looking back at pictures of myself through high school, I had a peaches-and-cream complexion, which had never meant anything to me.  If only things had stayed so simple….(more)



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 The power and effectiveness of clinical red light therapy at your convenience. Control your rosacea flushing and redness when you need it. Use it when you want, as you like: In your pajamas, for an afternoon meditation, or an evening cool-down!

No appointments.No recurring costs. It’s red light skin therapy on your terms….(more)

Real Life Results


A clinical strength, fully-integrated LED low-level red light therapy (LLRLT) system you can use at home or on the go.
In addition, the Soothing Rain™ Light Unit gives you dual-use technology. By providing the same powerful skin rejuvenation low-level red light therapy used in expensive skin clinics and spas, you get the satisfaction of healthier, younger-looking skin for a fraction of the cost! (Anytime you want!)

Features and Benefits:

• Control your rosacea flushing and redness in 10-15 minutes per day—Really!
• Non-irritating—even for the most sensitive rosacea skin.
• Calms facial redness immediately after treatments.
• Substantially reduces everyday (standing) redness.

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The Bioscience of Red Light, Your Cells, and Rosacea

It shouldn’t be a surprise that our bodies are affected by light, or that light can have a beneficial effect on our bodily systems. Granted, plants are much better than people at utilizing light energy through photosynthesis. But consider this: for much of human history, the primary source of Vitamin D—an absolutely essential nutrient—was exposure to sunlight (not fortified milk).

How does this work?

The light photons in sunlight act in a specific way on the cells in our bodies, stimulating them to produce Vitamin D, which we then use to support our immune systems and bones. Kind of impressive when you think about it.
The light energy emitted by your Soothing Rain™ Light Unit also acts in a specific way to stimulate a beneficial cellular response.
However, the sun produces very broad spectrum light—it contains a lot of infrared (invisible) heat energy and also the damaging UV rays that cause skin burns. These are two things those of us with sensitive rosacea skin are keen to avoid.
So when the Soothing Rain™ Light Unit was designed, the specific wavelength of light was carefully chosen to maximize the biostimulatory effect—its positive action on cellular function—while having zero UV and heat-producing light. It’s totally gentle while being maximally effective.
But don’t take our word for it!
Click here to view several peer-reviewed clinical studies documenting the benefits of low-level red light therapy for treating disease and promoting healthier, younger-looking skin.